The new government of the Russian Federation got rid of Autonomous centers of power and excessive clannishness

 The new government of the Russian Federation got rid of Autonomous centers of power and excessive clannishnessVictor Metlicovitz, Christina Khutsishvili, Philip SapkowskiThe new Cabinet got rid of cronyism, but it has no competing centers of influence. These are the main conclusions that can be drawn after studying its composition by a special technique of "Russian Reporter", which takes into account personal relationships of people before taking a position. Our research shows.A detailed study about the clannishness of the Russian authorities "PP" published in 35 2011. Then the study of "social ties" Russian officials have allowed, in fact, to prove the thesis that Russia is ruled by a more or less wide circle of Vladimir Putin, the so-called St. Petersburg clan — a closed group of people, has long been close friends with each other. Applying the same method in relation to the government of Dmitry Medvedev, we saw striking differences. Читать полностью -->

Program construction in Moscow modular temples may revise

Moscow authorities can cancel the existing plan for the construction of 200 Orthodox churches, if they affect a part of the grounds. Growth in the number of disgruntled people can lead to the fact that the Moscow city Duma will insist on revision of this project, Izvestia writes.The other day a group of protesters Muscovites sent to the capital's Parliament a letter asking to be excluded from consideration for development sites in the courtyards, parks and gardens, landscaped areas involved sports and children's playgrounds. While the protesters have nothing against churches as such, but just asking to find a more suitable place for construction.The number of angry people in the hundreds, but the main problem is the lack of sites suitable for development. As noted in the Moscow city Duma, the city is not ready in an emergency mode to accommodate so many temples. If citizens would oppose, we will support them and to cancel the decision about the construction. This applies to those places where the inhabitants hinders the erection of the temple, or unfair public hearings, " said Deputy Anton Paleev.At the same time in the Moscow Parliament emphasize that not all dissent in their protests use reasonable arguments, and for an adequate assessment should be conducted a public hearing on each section. Читать полностью -->

Navalny essentially a new hero of Russia

 Navalny  essentially a new hero of RussiaJulia GutovaOnline fighter Navalny has attracted the attention of three years ago. First, as a minority shareholder, who began legal terror top management of VTB, Transneft, Gazprom and other sharks of big business. Asking uncomfortable questions, received answers, sought in court declassification of financial documents, has chronicled this war on the blog and Twitter. It was stressed that this struggle is not with the business, and corruption, because all of his "victims" of companies with state participation.Then he launched the website "Painting", where each user can help to find and challenge suspicious government contracts like 5.4 million rubles on the website for the Bolshoi theatre, 140 million rubles for "information system of territorial planning".Then Navalny began to fight with United Russia, has awarded its brand "the Party of thieves and crooks", had a contest on the appropriate logo and eventually became one of the most prominent public figures in Russia.HabitsThe Chairman of the economic policy Committee of the state Duma Evgeny Fedorov made a courageous act — agreed to a debate with the Bulk. They are on the radio "Finam FM". Topic: "Is the United Russia party of crooks and thieves". Читать полностью -->

Orthodox vigilantes are going to patrol the streets of the capital

 Orthodox vigilantes are going to patrol the streets of the capitalActivists of the Orthodox Holy Russia movement will begin to patrol the streets of Moscow. About it Interfax was informed by the leader of the movement Ivan Trakowski. Any person who commits blasphemous acts against Orthodox shrines, insulting the Orthodox faith, showing aggression to the priests, we reserve the right to take appropriate action, " he said.The leader of the movement explained that the combatants will act strictly within the law and to coordinate with the police. However, in the Ministry of internal Affairs of Trakowski besieged, stating that the only question being worked out, and talk about working together prematurely. Trakowski meanwhile has described the Russian service of the BBC, can act as vigilantes in the case of conflict situations. If, for example, they will notice that the hoodlums defile the temple walls or attack a Minister of the Church, we will need to take swift steps to arrest and call the police. Читать полностью -->

Turowski CEC criticize their

Member of the RF Central election Commission with deliberative vote from the Communist party of Eugene Kolyuchin expressed a dissenting opinion to the Protocol for the announcement of official results of the presidential election. Kolyuchin believes that during the election campaign violated the principles of free elections.An important role in the will of the voters played by the media, Putin was in a very privileged position compared to other candidates for presidency, says CEC member. As proof of his words he referred to data media monitoring from 1 February to 4 March. According to the newspaper Kommersant, in total, the coverage of the 5 candidates TV took almost more than 164 hours. The share Putin had about 58 hours of them, and the other was dedicated candidates from 28 to 24 hours of broadcast.Kolyuchin accused the CEC also in the fact that March 1, the Commission recognized unqualified numerous complaints, including requests of state Duma deputies from different factions, which related to the uneven coverage of the candidates.The CEC member also not satisfied that the law enforcement agencies in the course of the campaign took no action in respect of false papers. It also dismissed the practice of creating plots in the last days before the vote. Читать полностью -->

On the fight against corruption and Bulk: no need to make an icon

During the presentation to journalists of the leading Russian TV channels Medvedev rebuked that in the fight against corruption is no noticeable progress. Medvedev said that corruption has to fight the government, and not of individuals, including blogger Alexei Navalny, to do icon. In the course of communication journalists, speaking about the fight against corruption, as an example, invited the President to make a Bulk head, anti-Corruption Committee or assign the investigation by his publications.I have a request - let's assume that no one has a patent on the fight against corruption. In the interest of all of us, and, by the way, we are all in this sense, civil society activists, the President said. According to him, many cases related to corruption, including in the interior Ministry, began to swim out in connection with new information space.To rely on social activists and can and should be, only I would in any case would not recommend anyone to do the icon. Because some activists are real fighters against corruption, which is movable completely altruistic motives, but for others it is a political program, and sometimes, in fact, a political gamble, quoted by Interfax.According to the President, there are cases where anti-corruption rhetoric is the desire to build political capital. Читать полностью -->

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